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Amsterdam Journey

So last month, I took a trip to Amsterdam with some mates for a Birthday. Nothing remarkable there. Actually, wait, maybe there is, it was my first trip to mainland Europe. We boarded the 'Pride of Rotterdam' ferry, in the early evening, from Hull to the Europoort, which was based in the south of the Netherlands.

We had to be checked in at least 90 minutes before we were due to depart and almost encountered a bit of a disaster, when the possibility that one of our mates might end up missing the check in time. As we arrived into the Europoort, I was shocked at the scale of the port and the industrialised nature of it. I expected to see a port, but never did I expect my first view of mainland Europe to be of such an industrialised area. I was impressed, not disappointed, it showed me the importance of the region. The Europoort has connections to Germany, France, Switzerland and many other countries.

We boarded the coach from the Europoort taking us into Amsterdam, where we arrived at around 10:30. The coach dropped us off near the Amsterdam Central train station, which looked magnificent. I was aware of how popular cycling was in the Netherlands, but I never realised the scale. 

The first thing we did was to get my IAMSTERDAM card I bought prior to the trip. I paid around €50 and that would let me use the trams, the canals and entry into the various museums for the whole day, which I thought was a good deal. As we were only there for the day, we decided to take the hour long canal cruise around the city, so we could see as much as possible. 

Once we boarded, we were provided headphones, which explained in english the various sites we saw. This is where I took the majority of my shots. Despite being required to sit down for the majority of the cruise, I took this as an advantage rather than a hinderance to my photography and attempted to compose shots from what I say and interpreted. 

 Once we got off the canal boat (dropped off where we began), we jumped on to the number '2' tram and headed towards the Rjksmuseum, the architecture looked magnificent, I felt like i was entering a palace rather than a museum. Unfortunately, due to our time constraints and the size of the queue, we weren't able to go inside. For me it was still worth going there, just to see the size, the scale and beauty of the place. Not far from there, we visisted the IAMSTERDAM sign, which we saw on the canal cruise and took a few snaps, which as you imagine, was fairly busy. 

It was around 12:30 I believe and we headed off for lunch at a Heineken bar, which looked quite busy, but they were happy to cater for a large group of us. The staff were friendly and the interior of the bar was well decorated. As we took the tram on the way towards the Rjksmuseum (a long way from central station), we decided to walk back towards the centre, so we could explore some of the shops and museums on the way. We needed to be on the coach at 5, to set off back to the port, which as you know, needs us to check in at least 90 minutes before departure, I believe. I feel at this point, I'm rambling on, I'll let the photos show you a small glimpse of Amsterdam. What I learnt was, Amsterdam isn't just a place of Art, History, Culture, but is itself an artwork. Amsterdam Trip Album